Saab Mulling Alliance With Mahindra And Dongfeng?

Saab is reported of getting associated with Mahindra for bailing itself out of the financial crisis. However, the Mahindra Satyam and Saab recently concluded deal on the security system and some other IT gimmicks, but there weren’t concrete talks on the automotive aspects. China’s Dongfeng was rumoured to be the in the talks of the said automotive aspect too. This venture will have the two-ends where one will belong to Mahindra and the other one to the Chinese firm.

Further news, or can be said as rumours, suggested Mahindra is interested in purchasing a major stake of Saab with perception to re-launch the brand around the world.

The purchase of Saab by Mahindra will lend the Indian automaker an expansion of its reign over the global market with a more remarkable pinnacle. Mahindra still had its presence in key markets like United States and China. And the major motive remain is – if wanted to make a move against the giant then buy up the giants whoever is available, like what Tata did with the JLR to stand against likes of Mercedes-Benz, Audi and such.

Saab Mulling Alliance With Mahindra And Dongfeng

Dongfeng’s interest in Saab is said to be vague, but the sources said company appears to be primarily interested in the Phoenix platform that Saab was developing when it filed for bankruptcy in 2011. This could lead them the rights of using it in the Chinese market.

News confirmed Swedish carmaker had talked with both of the firms, but preferred to keep mum on the issue. However, if the deal would be inked, then the venture will happen soon.

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