Sachin Gets New Nissan GT-R

We recently reported about Surat based businessman, Jayesh Desai having purchased the red Ferrari, which Sachin had received as a gift from FIAT. The parking spot in Sachin’s garage however didn’t remain empty for long. A Nissan GT-R supercar, again in red was delivered to his residence, La Mer in Bandra, about a fortnight ago. This is around the same time as to when the Ferrari is supposed to have been sold.

The four wheel drive is powered by a twin turbo engine, and is capable of delivering 530hp. It is priced at INR 40 lakh or $87,000. A source from Dubai’s Arabian Automobiles showroom from where the car was purchased, is quoted to have said that top two engineers from Dubai were flown in with the supercar, so that they could tune it to Sachin’s preferences.

A friend close to Sachin was also reported confirming the news. He said that Sachin was delighted when the new car arrives. Regarding Sachin’s decision to sell his red Ferrari, he said that Sachin found it tough to maintain the minimum run of the car in Mumbai city roads. It was also difficult for him to get out, as the car was easily identifiable by people. Because of these reasons, the car was not used much as well. With the new Nissan car, Tendulkar’s fleet of car’s goes up to four, including a Skoda and two BMWs.

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  1. i luv sachin … And his car he recently buyed…nissan gtr..wats d use of expncive cars if he go out he will be caught by anyone 1 in mumbai because its a big bang news of d car so , better iz dat he must buy a cheap car like indica vista . For going out in mumbai … wll b bttr

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