Sahara Force India signs long term agreement with Mercedes-Benz

Sahara Force India has signed a long term agreement with the engine supplier Mercedes. This will enable Sahara Force India to use their full powertrain from the 2014 formula one season. According to the agreement, Mercedes-Benz will be now responsible for supplying complete power unit for Force India which will include internal combustion engine with the energy recovery system, gear boxes and hydraulic systems.

Mercedes has been supplying engines to the Sahara Force India team from the year 2009 and the alliance has now reached its fifth season. Speaking on the same, Vijay Mallya, Team Principal, Sahara Force India, said that the new agreement with the Mercedes-Benz for the upcoming year is one of the most significant deal in the history of Sahara Force India. However, he didn’t take McLaren’s name.

He further added that as Formula One will be experiencing a new powertrain regulation from next year, Sahara Force India can’t think of a better partner to work with as the next season will enter into a new era to excitement. Mentioning the future of the agreement and the long term stability with the deal he said that the deal will allow them to continue their journey in the front line of the Formula One grid.

Sahara Force India F1 Team
From next year Formula One race will began with an all new engine. A new engine has already been assigned for the next 2014 season. Currently the Formula One cars are powered by a 2.4 litre V8 engine which is ought to be replaced by another turbocharged 1.6 litre V6 unit that will be equipped with heat and kinetic energy recovery systems. The new engine is seen as a go green initiative from the Formula One.

Motorsport head of the Mercedes-Benz, Toto Wolf said that, the long term nature of the agreement also offers an excellent balance between the price and the performance of the engine. He also hoped that the new agreement will mean that both the teams, i.e. Sahara Force India and Mercedes-Benz will be working together for the entire life of the new generation of the powertrain. The collaboration will surely help Sahara Force India which is still struggling on the track to gain some respectful position.

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