Second Mercedes Benz Museum Worldwide Will be in China

Building a legend is a quite tough, and often takes a lot of effort to be pumped in, so that it could be remembered for years. ‘Mercedes’ undoubtedly is a legend in itself, where the museum of it in Stuttgart is said to have seen the 5 million visitors till date since it was being thrown open to public in 2006. But what if said that, one more of its kind going to be seen soon elsewhere from the Germany. Hopefully, the Germans will get disappointed, while the rest of the world would feast upon this news to have a one more of the famous somewhere in the other part of the globe.

Anonymously, the Hubertus Troska, Daimler’s board Member for Greater China, announced at an event that Daimler AG is planning to build a Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center in “Beijing”, which will also include the museum as a core element.

Hopefully, the building will have a unique structure in line with the Stuttgart museum of Mercedes Benz, which had won many accolades since 2006.

Second Mercedes Benz Museum Worldwide
Hence, we can say the Mercedes has lately realized the potential of Chinese market, where the BMW and Audi are enjoying kings-size brand life as gaining advantages of launching themselves quite earlier in the market for 2013 year.

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