Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Celebration continues in UK: Watch Video

Lamborghini 50th Anniversary celebrations was concluded in its homeland i.e. in Italy, since days back, now as per to the schedule the brand had kept on trotting over the globe and arranging the drive for its owners so that no one shall be left behind from this course of joy as of achieved in owning a Lamborghini.

Hence, this time in UK, the Italian carmaker pounded 50 Lamborghini cars running officially over the British streets as of in an official manner. This tour of Raging Bulls in UK kicked off from Danesfield House hotel at Buckinghamshire. And about 50 of the Italian supercars vroomed off the roads greeting everyone.

Hopefully, the Oakley Design LP760 Nasser Edition, Diablo, Countach and numerous Gallardos are there to name some of them in between, whereas the Aventador Roadster and some oldest classics too were witnessed as majors of the Tour.

Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Celebration
Need to be worried; one can feed himself the fumes of rubber direct from the venue too. Posted video is giving us that same tempting feel of unexpected weather from Britain as well.

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