SKF supplies solutions to Volkswagen’s first full electric car e-up

Volkswagen UP remained one of the world’s bestselling cars in the recent times. The electric version is also tend to do that same, seems from the perception of Volkswagen, at a near future.

To the detailed information, SKF a leading global supplier of bearings, seals, mechatronics, lubrication systems, is reported to be supplying VW with the energy efficient bearings to the E-powertrain of their first full electric vehicle, the e-up!. Customized tapered roller bearings and SKF eDrive Ball Bearings will be the products to be supplied to the German carmaker for the electric motor and gearbox of e-up, which was launched in some parts of the world during the Fall of 2013. The solutions help to reduce the friction and noise in the E-powertrain, enabling an extended driving range of the vehicle.

Volkswagen's first full electric car e-up

Tryggve Sthen, President, SKF Automotive says, “SKF is very happy to be equipping the Volkswagen e-up!. The SKF eDrive Ball Bearing is a product in our SKF BeyondZero portfolio and is one of our energy efficient solutions for hybrid and full electric vehicles. Our partnership with Volkswagen has grown over the years and we both are taking positive steps in the area of sustainability to reduce the emission footprint of greenhouse gas globally. We are very proud to work with Volkswagen.”

Since the first electric cars from Volkswagen was rolled out in the market, SKF used to work with the brand for the development support to next generation e-cars. The SKF BeyondZero portfolio remains prominent name in lending the contribution to VW, which includes products and solutions that brings significant environmental benefits to in preserving the balance of the atmosphere, promoting efficient and responsible use of land resources and/or avoiding discharges into water. The solutions also bring value by improving the efficiency of the application leading to positive consumer end-effects like for ex. fuel savings.

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