Skoda Citigo ready for year-end launch in the Czech Republic

The Skoda Citigo to have a year-end release in Czech Republic. The car is also marked for launch in India sometime next year. has been is discussion recently as the response of the Czech auto manufacturer to the Volkswagen Up! Skoda Motors is ready to offer this latest vehicle to its home country, the Czech Republic. The Skoda Citigo will make an entry into that market by the end of 2011. The reason behind this action of Skoda Motors is to judge the response of its domestic consumers about the car before launching it in other markets abroad. This will probably be the time when this small car makes its entry into the Indian auto market, courtesy Skoda India. However, the export of this vehicle is not going to start anytime prior to June 2012.

Skoda Citigo ready for year-end launch in the Czech RepublicThe Skoda Citigo will be placed in the sub-four meter hatchback segment and will be in similar lines as the Hyundai Eon and the Maruti Alto in India, provided it is launched in the country. The vehicle has dimensions of 3.56m length, 1.48m height and 1.65m width. The extra width of the Skoda Citigo gives it considerable advantage over the Maruti Alto. The Skoda Citigo also has superior height of about 65mm, which translates into additional headroom for the passengers. The width difference is even more significant at 175mm, which would mean immense interior space. This ensures that the Skoda Citigo will accommodate comfortably five elder passengers.

Skoda Citigo interiorThough the car is being offered at a restricted budget, it has still been provided with immense features to ensure interior comfort. One indeed needs to give due credit to the thoughtfulness exhibited by the car manufacturer from Czech Republic in its designing of the interiors of this car. It has been provided with cup holders, bag hooks, storage pockets, photo holders as well as one book holder attached behind the seat of the front passenger. All these reflect extreme good taste of Skoda Motors. There has been no compromise done on the mechanical aspects of the car. The Skoda Citigo has been offered with a petrol engine that offers power output in the range of 44KW to 55KW. Although the company has not yet declared any specific timeframe of launching this vehicle in India, it would come as a nice offering for the consumers in this country.

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