Smoking While Driving May Get Your License Cancelled

Amongst smokers, who doesn’t enjoy a smoke while driving? We guess all of them do!

It seems the Gujarat transport authorities don’t happen to like this attitude of ‘smoking on the go’. So, in favour to get their pockets filled for this arrogance from the drivers, Modi’s home state transport authorities may get the license cancelled if one would be found having smoked behind the steering wheel.

The latest list of violations is issued by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) mentioning 19 of the violations on which strict actions will be taken, where one of them was smoking. Others can be named as: speed driving, using phone while driving, driving under the influence of drinks and drugs, parking vehicles haphazardly on the road, driving overloaded vehicles etc.

Smoking While Driving May Get Your License Cancelled

Very aggressive about punishing these aforesaid offenders, BM Prajapati, regional transport officer said, “It is the traffic department of the city police that actually catches the vehicle owners for flouting motor vehicle rules. If the vehicle owners are caught under any of the 19 listed rules by the transport commissioner then we will take action. First we will serve a notice and then the process of either terminating or suspending the driving license would be taken up”.

Official sources said the RTO has the power to terminate or suspend the driving license of the vehicle owners found guilty of violating the Motor Vehicles Act.

In addition, the rash-drives who snatched away the peace of traffic police are increasing in numbers with passing day. They shall get more cautious, as the police are on fire to penalize them severely.

We hope, these new regulation about smoking may not be welcomed by a number of people. One can post their views in the comment box below.

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