Spare Parts to be Sold Online By Toyota

A flipkart for automobile spare parts? It could well become a reality if Toyota has its way. The Japanese carmaker is now planning to cash in on the internet e-commerce revolution and is planning to sell automobile spare parts in India through the internet. A pilot project in this regard will soon be started.

Bengaluru will be the first city to get its Toyota spare parts online within a week or so. If it meets with success and gets good customer feedback then the company will take it to other metropolitan cities in India by 2016. The primary aim here is customer satisfaction and reducing workload for them when they go out to buy spares for their cars.

Spare Parts to be Sold Online by Toyota

First those spare parts will be made available which needs frequent change and can be installed on the car easily. The customer can order these spares online and get them installed in their local car workshop and don’t need to come all the way to a Toyota service center. Around 400 such spares parts, including wipers, oil filters and fan belts will initially be made available through these websites.

The company is also planning to localize its delivery process in order to lessen the time it normally takes to deliver cars and also to improve customer dealership relations.

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