Spoiled Kid Drives a Ferrari in India: Watch Video

In India, such sorts of incidents happen where we tag them as “it happens only in India” and that seems to be true in all the aspects, as we now got one more of it to prove on our blog.

Ferrari is a dream of everyone in this world but in India it looks, Indians have it in blunder, while we are not saying by ourselves but this posted video will definitely make you feel one similarly. In actual a rich spoilt kid is driving his red Italian bug very carefree and though he is too small for such an expensive thing, but sadly his parents doesn’t think the same way, so he is enjoying that ride. Moreover, his parents are shooting his video to post it on YouTube and make it a huge hit rather than assisting him inside the cabin.

Spoiled Kid Drives a Ferrari
‘To be a car enthusiast’ is every child’s dream and it had a proper channel to be fulfilled in the era of childhood, as one can give their lads a battery operated metal or so its likes, here an actual Ferrari had made us to think twice over it, that’s why we thought of bringing it to you. In fact, one can conclude, the road where this bug is driven is almost traffic-less and looks of a cool suburb, but we claim there are numerous kids running after that famous Italian prowess, and it may happen they might get caught accidentally underneath the tramps of Prancing Horse, then who is responsible, the rich brat or his parents.

And ultimately where were the traffic police officials, sleeping or what else, when this type of stunt was going on in broad daylight?

Cool, “it happens only in India”!

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