Sporty Five Door SUV being Worked on by Skoda

A number of new SUV models are in the making from Skoda, which are to be revealed in the coming year. This includes the five and seven-seater crossover models which will go on to showrooms by early 2017.

The new SUV from Skoda, which is yet to be named, has now been finalised. It is to be 4.7m long and will have slim rectangular headlights, a clamshell bonnet, sharp horizontal crease before the window light as well as LED daytime running lights along with indicators.

Sporty Five Door SUV being Worked on by Skoda

As per sources, cabin space on the new models is to be at par with the Skoda Superb and the boot space too will be quite substantial and could by increased further by moving the rear seats ahead by around 17cm.

A sporty five-door model is also being considered by the company which would sit on the same wheelbase but would see about 12cm less in terms of overhang as compared to the regular model.

The car will come with features such as compressed rear packaging as well as a rakish roofline and is likely to follow up once the reaction to its regular SUV has been gauged. The Skoda coupe –SUV may also see production in China.

While the regular SUV from Skoda is to make its debut in the latter half of 2016, the next gen Yeti is set to follow it in 2018 after featuring some tune ups to fit in with the family looks of the SUV.

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