Spyker Confirms Entry to India

Spyker is a very less known brand for India but for the automaker, India is not a less rich country than others, as what this news had to say for now. Spyker, a Dutch car brand that is making supercars since 1999 had sold only 300 cars in between 2000 and 2009, clearly shows how exclusive the brand is.

Drooling towards us, exclusively we came to know from CarIndia that this Dutch is looking forward to set its foot on our local shores!

However, it had also claimed that one of the dealers is already finalized in New Delhi, and that same is going to look for the sales and after-sales service of Spyker cars in India. As expected, initially the company will launch C8 Aileron which is powered by a 400PS Audi-derived 4.2-litre V8 engine giving the enchantment under the hat of a grand tourer. Later on, then looking forward to the production specific of B6 Venator Concept that debuted at last year’s Geneva Show, speculated to make its way soon onto our shores after the launch.

Spyker confirms India entry

Lastly, the official statement is just about to come, but meanwhile the operation is said to commence by end of 2013.

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