SsangYong XAVL At The 2017 Geneva Motor Show

SsangYong has revealed sketches of the new concept car that will be revealed at the Geneva MotorShow in March. The car has been named XAVL or Xciting Authentic Vehicle Long SUV, but in reality it is really a longer and bulkier version of the XAV concept which the company revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show held a couple of years ago.

The XAVL will slot above the XAV and from the looks of it will be a seven-seater in a mid-size SUV package. While we expect the XAV concept to be put into production by 2019, the XAVL will need some more time and probably will go on sale by the end of the decade.
According to Ssangyong, the XAVL would have extensive safety feature built into it for both passengers as well as pedestrians. It will be offered in both petrol and diesel versions.

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