‘Star Lease’ scheme finally launched in India by Mercedes

Just days after we brought forth Mercedes’ intentions of starting a lease for their cars in India, Mercedes have officially announced the start of their ‘Star Lease’ scheme. This one of a kind scheme would be applicable for all Mercedes cars sold in India. Daimler Financial Services India would be providing for the finances under the wing of Mercedes Benz Financial. Almost all the Mercedes dealerships in India have been updated with this details and it is expected that customers should start enquiries about the lease schemes.

Present at the do was Mercedes India’s Marketing and Sales Director Debashish Mitra. He said that Mercedes is the first company in India to have brought about this type of scheme and this scheme would ensure that Mercedes buyers would have a hassle free ownership experience. Moreover, the lease buyers wouldn’t have to make any down payment and stuff and at the end just go ahead with a contract wherein which they would be paying monthly rentals. This monthly rentals would include the maintenance costs as also the insurance cover for the vehicles. Daimler Financial Services Director, Sidhartha Nair said that in the recent years more and more customers are gravitating towards luxury cars and hence the need for leasing products has also increased.

'Star Lease' scheme finally launched in India by Mercedes

Compared to financing of the vehicle, leasing would be a better option since customers would stand to benefit in the end from efficient cost management. Since the leased car cannot be counted as an asset to the customer, he wouldn’t have to bear for the taxation. Moreover, the customer can change his car at his will and moreover opt for an high end model, which at a certain point of time wouldn’t have suited his budget.

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