State Labour Department to Consider Demands of Maruti’s Manesar Plant Workers

According to reports, the labour department of the Haryana state government stated that commissioner of labour would take a note of the demands put out by employees at Maruti’s Manesar plant. The demand is regarding the formation of a second union.

While the Maruti workers strike at Manesar ended after 13 days on Saturday, the agreement between the management and striking workers that was brokered by the government did not give in to the primary demand of the striking workers that was to form a second union.

An official at the state government’s labour department said that the commissioner of labour, who is a competent authority on this, would be taking a note of this demand. He also stated that the workers would be dealt with under Trade Union Act, adding that it is an independent right to apply for forming a union with the govt. authorities.

Around 2,000 employers of the Manesar plant of Maruti went on strike to demand that the company recognize their new union, which would be separate from the union at the company’s Gurgaon plant, the Maruti Udyog Kamgar Union. On June 3, they had applied for the forming a new union with the state labour department.

The department had then proceeded to inform them that it would take a period of three months before they could give a nod to the new union due to various formalities and procedures of the Trade Union Act. To end the strike, the company agreed to just one demand under the agreement, which was to reinstate the 11 sacked employees, and also taking a relaxed approach in the enforcement of the no-work-no-pay law.

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