Strike continues in GM’s factory in Halol

The General is certainly very upset about the revolt occurring in its Indian operations and the revolt has come from within its manufacturing unit in India, in Halol to be precise. A few days back we had reported that workers in General Motors’ Halol plant have been on a strike demanding better working conditions and also some cut in the work assigned to them. This is the 6th consecutive day when the striking workers haven’t taken a respite. Latest reports say that about 350 workers have started their work again whereas the rest are still carrying on with the strike. As of now, GM has faced a loss of upto 534 cars from so many days. The Halol facility has a capacity to produce about 190 cars every day.

We happened to speak with one of the workers today who confirmed that most of them are still on strike however a few have resumed work. The worker on conditions of anonymity said that the rest of his brethren who have reported to work are in the general shift as of now and the plant is now manufacturing BS4 Taveras. As to whether he thinks if the strike is a valid one or not, the worker refrained from making any comments. The State Labor Government is having a word with the union backing this strike, INTUC and is pressing them to reach an amicable solution with GM. The issue is mainly about the unfair work practices being followed in the Halol plant. It is said the work in this plant is done on a charity case where the workers are made to work 30 mins to 1 hours extra each day and still are denied any allowances or overtime wages. The health hazard thing stems from this very same fact that long working hours in the standing position would result in spinal injuries and also severe back pain.

One thought on “Strike continues in GM’s factory in Halol

  1. I think all workers are miss guided by some company’s unsatisfied people of ex workers of company.
    if they are long time on strike. they losses their wages and their future. I pray to god, they may come on right line.

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