Sub Rs 4 lakhs mini SUV to be developed by Mahindra soon

Starting with Tata Motors initiative of launching the Tata Indigo CS way back in 2006 or somewhat, more and more manufacturers are latching onto the idea. The erstwhile forgotten Premier company came out with their Rio and later on still launched a new iteration. India’s original car manufacturer Mahindra and Mahindra are the newest ones to catch up with this idea.

M&M in partnership with their Korean acquisition Ssangyong are working towards making a mini SUV or rather one which fits within the 4 meters mark for India as also other developing countries. In India, cars satisfying the under 4 meters length mark are eligible for some tax benefits whereas engines below the 1.2 liter mark and also the 1.5 liter mark for diesels, in this sub 4 meter vehicles allow the manufacturers to price the vehicle even more competitively. Already work has been started by M&M in this regard and the code name for this SUV is S101. Already, the company is in the process of launching its mini-Xylo vehicle somewhere around Diwali or if things get delayed, at the 2012 Auto Expo.

Sub Rs 4 lakhs mini SUV to be developed by Mahindra soon

Globally, there are the Nissan Juke, Jeep Wrangler and also the Skoda Yeti, which are some of the prime examples of sub 4 meter SUVs which sell well. In Ssangyong’s home turf, Korea, this vehicle would be available with a turbocharged 1 liter petrol engine. The platform is an all new thing that M&M is working upon and as of now, the workers and developers of this SUV have dubbed it as the Nano SUV. There are chances that this SUV would be launched at an asking price of Rs 4 lakhs, making it one of the cheapest SUVs on sale in India. Thinking of its global aspirations, M&M have employed more than 100 engineers, automobile designers and other workers for the development of this SUV. Some announcement to this regard may be made by M&M at the 2012 Auto Expo.

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