Subaru Teases All-New Sports Sedan WRX S4 For Japan

Subaru will get a new sports sedan in Japan on August 25, announced Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), the maker of Subaru automobiles. The company has said that this new sedan will be named as “WRX S4?.

However, there are not many details revealed about the car, but it was made aware that WRX S4 will have “the Subaru’s top AWD (All-Wheel drive) sports performance”. The sports sedan had also achieved “unique overall safety performance” with features such as the next-generation EyeSight, “superior environmental friendliness” and “high-quality feel”.

Subaru WRXS4 teaser

“By fusing these four values at a high level centering on its AWD sports performance as a core attribute, a new value has been achieved. It enables more drivers to enjoy superb driving performance with safety and comfort,” said the official letter of automaker.

Therefore, in order to replicate the above four attributes, the vehicle is named as “S4? which has four meanings: “Sports performance”, “Safety performance”, “Smart driving” and “Sophisticated feel”.

Subaru had also lent a teaser image, which can be viewed on the blog.

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