Suzuki Head Negates Impact of Manesar Strike

The strike at Maruti’s Manesar plant was quite long and drawn out, leaving one no doubt that it would affect the wait period on its popular models, which was further fueled when a company official announced that it would affect their sales target for the month. Now however, the head of the company’s parent firm, Suzuki Motors Corp., has said that the loss caused by the stroke was quite negligible, with the company suffering from a production loss of 16,000 units.

The CEO of the company, Osamu Suzuki said that in the Indian auto market, where they sell around 1.2mn vehicles per annum, a production loss of 16,000 units will just require some inventory adjustment.

He also reportedly said that the short-lived strike did not take him by surprise, repeating that the stance of the company was still the same; they would not recognise a new labour union as per the striking workers demand for their Manesar plant. Maruti already has one labour union that is recognized by them.

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