Swraj Paul likely to set up sports car hub in Bengal

British industrialist and lawmaker Lord Swaraj Paul may set up a sports car hub in West Bengal. The Caparo Group, which is led by Paul, already has 18 acres of land in the state and it may use that land to set up the concerned manufacturing facility.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is currently on an official visit to the UK where she met Paul and discussed about the project. Paul said that the company is currently in the process of designing low end sports cars for markets in Asia. No investment amount was spelled out by Swaraj Paul, but his company does have certain interest in the car manufacturing and marketing.

According to sources, the car that Caparo Group plans to bring is being designed with the help of McLaren and if the design process succeeds, they wish to open a manufacturing plant of the same here in India.

If at all the plant is set up in West Bengal, Caparo Group would not have to face any hurdles with land acquisition since they already own 18 acres in Singur which they had purchased from the state govt itself.

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