Tata Motors Introduces Tata Delight Loyalty Programme for Customers

The Tata Motor’s division of commercial vehicles launched their customer loyalty plan on Tuesday. This loyalty plan, titled as the ‘Tata Delight’ will be accessible to all its current and new customers of its commercial vehicles.

These customers will receive and owners card, using which, they can earn bonus points from Tata as well as from self-referrals and from purchase of new Tata vehicles. The owners of such cards can then redeem these points across Tata dealerships, service stations and sales outlets on new spares, vehicle repairs or servicing.

Other benefits of holding a Tata Delight card include children’s educational scholarships, invitations to movies and special events as well as the chance to win a Tata Nano. These benefits are available to customers only for a price of Rs.100, which excludes insurance and for Rs.500, which includes insurance.

Those customers who enroll for the plan which includes insurance, the driver of the vehicle will receive an insurance policy of three years, which includes Rs.1 lakh accident insurance, Rs.25,000 per annum cover for accident hospitalisation and Rs.1 lakh cover for personal disability.

3 thoughts on “Tata Motors Introduces Tata Delight Loyalty Programme for Customers

    1. TATA DELIGHT is not a truck, it is a name of the program launched by the company. you will get a tata delight card only if u have any of tata motors commercial vehicle. than only u can enroll in customer loyalty program named as “TATA DELIGHT”.

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