Tata Nano CNG to roll out by March 2013

It is news for those who have been looking up to Tata since a long time as the much-hyped CNG version of people’s car aka Nano will be rolling out most probably by March 2013. The car was showcased by Tata at Auto Expo 2012 held in Delhi in January, 2012. The response that the car got at the Auto Expo was overwhelming which made Tata initiate serious talks about launching the car in the next fiscal. In a recent revelation, Tata gave out a statement confidently announcing the release of Tata Nano CNG fuelled version by the next fiscal.

The price of fuel in India has been sky-rocketing since a long time and owing to the recent Rs.7.50/- hike in the price of petrol, more and more people are opting for diesel and CNG powered cars rather than petrol. Thus, analyzing the situation, it is somewhat plausible that the release date of Tata Nano CNG might be pre-ponedas the eagerness of the arrival of Nano CNG in the market is increasing day by day. Presently, only the petrol variant of Nano is there in the market but it is being said that the price of the new upcoming CNG model will probably be around 15-20,000 rupees more than that of the present petrol model.

Tata Nano CNG to roll out by March 2013

Coming to the configuration of the car in the market, the new Nano CNG will have both petrol as well as CNG fuel operands in it. The driver can easily switch between both of the fuels and all that h needs to do is push a button that has been placed on the dashboard. CNG presently is much cheaper than petrol and the upcoming Tata Nano CNG will probably go on to become one of the cheapest CNG cars available to the people of India. Initially, following the Auto Expo 2012, there were several enquiries from people who were keen on the diesel variant of Tata Nano. Presently Tata has not given any statement regarding it but probably it has a chance of making its way into the market next year after Nano CNG is launched.

The new Tata Nano CNG will be powered by a twin-cylinder 624cc engineand this engine will be tuned up to a 4-speed manual transmission system. Tata has worked a lot on the CNG version of Nano in order to reduce any sort of power loss while the car is in motion. Thus, CNG is pushed into the engine in a sequential manner which safeguards the engine and other components. Thus, on the basis of the thesis, we can ascertain that the deliverance of the torque as well as the power of the Nano CNG will be ideally similar to that of the ongoing petrol variant of the car. The new Tata Nano CNG will be having a petrol tank of 15 L capacity and a CNG tank of 35 L. It will also be equipped with an integrated leak detection system built to monitor gas leaks.

Tata Nano CNG to roll out by March 2013

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