Tata Nano crosses 10,000 mark in monthly sales in March

For many months Tata Motors has been struggling to improve the poor sales volume of Tata Nano, its low-cost small car. For the very first time, Tata Nano has crossed the mark of 10,000 in the month of March this year, with an overwhelming sales volume of 10,475 units being distributed by its dealers to the customers. This is invariably a good sign for the progress in the small car segment of Indian automobile market. Until sometime ago the compact car segment of the automobile market was going through a very slow phase in terms of sales, this achievement of Tata Motors has come as a breeze of fresh air in this particular segment. Now other automobile companies, which were contemplating their entry in the small-car market, would jump in right away. Tata Motors made tremendous efforts in promoting their low-cost small car which has been improved and Tata Nano was sent in an improved 2012 version which instantly gained the confidence of its possible customers. Now Tata Nano is very much in demand again for its price and fuel efficiency.

2012 Tata Nano

The dedicated Tata Nano plant at Sanand has an improved capacity of producing 2,50,000 units every year. With the monthly sales crossing the mark of 10,000 units, the breakeven point of 1,50,000 units per annum can be achieved now. At present Tata Nano is being exported to the neighboring countries of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, when the export figure could be a matter of overall success in the sales of this small car. The firm is looking around for expanding its export network for this small car other than the existing export market, at the same time it is working on the strategy to increase its export to both the countries by adding on more value to the product so the demand may increase as well.

The 2012 Tata Nano which is the latest version of this legendary small, low-cost car had hit the roads through the dealers towards the end of 2011. The firm had a very peril strategy to promote the 2012 Tata Nano in the domestic as well as the export market of automobile. The effort has started paying off from March this year when the customers realized the benefits this small package is coming wrapped into. The value addition is done on the power and fuel efficiency front of the car without increasing the price at all. This has added on to the existing beneficial facts that Tata Nano is the most compact small car among all which can maneuver easily through the increasing city traffic and is extremely convenient to park at already stuffed parking spaces. But for all this the space of the cabin has not been compromised at all. Even most of the youngsters are choosing Tata Nano to be their first car before motorbike.

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