Tata Nano Diesel and CNG model likely to arrive by 2013

Indian automaker, Tata Motors has revealed that company is working on the CNG and diesel variants of India’s cheapest car Tata Nano.

Speaking to the reporters, Karl Slym, Managing Director Tata Motors said that both the plans are currently not on the hold. He also added that Nano CNG might be able to see the market in the first half of the next year, although he said that diesel version will take little more time to appear. Most speculations suggest that diesel version might hit the market at the end of the next year.

Tata Nano has been doing quite well for the company, and has recorded a growth of about 4% in October over the last year’s sales. But if the overall sale of the Nano is taken, we can see that sale has declined over the year. So, Tata Motors should escalate its plans for the CNG and diesel version.

Tata Nano Diesel and CNG model likely to arrive by 2013
Tata Motor’s Passenger Car Business President, Ranjit Yadav accepted the fact that Nano’s sale is declining and said that they are really behind their plans and expectations but he was hopeful as Nano is finding customers in different segments in the urban area.

Tata Nano Diesel and CNG model likely to arrive by 2013

He also added that Nano is a huge opportunity for the company. They have seen a growth of about 31 percent in the last couple of quarters. Most of the Tata Motor officials are quite certain that Nano can’t be compared with other cars, it is itself a segment. He also added that there is lot of opportunity in that segment to grow. He said that more competition in the segment will be mean more opportunity for the customers.

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