Tata Nano now in Big Bazaar


Automobile companies are moving onto newer ways of promoting their products. Our staffers are regular visitors of R-mall in Mulund and have seen a BMW 330i parked inside the mall. It is there for a purpose. It is a display car. Well, Tata Motors have gone one step ahead and have got one of India’s biggest retail chain for consumers, namely the Future Group to display their small wonder car, the Tata Nano, at the firm’s Big Bazaar retail outlets. Sales of the Tata Nano have been on the rise as of late inspite of the recent fire catching incident. Last month, it is reported that Tata Motors sold about 8263 Tata Nanos. The Tata Nano featured in the 10 top selling cars in India last month after a big gap of 5 months. This is been heralded as a true sign of things to change for the small car. Tata Motors in a measure of assurance have also given the car a 4 year long warranty for the old and new customers of this car.

On why specifically, Tata Motors chose Big Bazaar as their marketing partner, a Tata Motors spokesperson said that as of now, Big Bazaar has the highest retail chain in the country, 148 to be exact. The Tata Nano would be displayed in almost 120 of them. People, who previously were shy to check out the car in show rooms can now check them out at the Big Bazaar outlet. The Nano also supports Big Bazaar’s theme of giving the customer the maximum at the lowest cost available. He also said that customers booking the Tata Nano from a Big Bazaar outlet would also get vouchers worth Rs 1500 or other gifts such as gold coins. We at Indiandrives support this venture and are sure that more and more customers would be attracted to the small car.

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