TATA Pixel wows visitors at the Auto Expo

If there was one car that forced the visitors to stop and take notice, it would definitely be the Tata Pixel concept car from Tata. The Tata Pixel was unveiled at the 2012 Auto Expo on the very first day of the event and since then it has drawn a magnitude of car revelers to the Tata gallery. It was definitely the star as far as the Tata pavilion is concerned.

This is not the first time the Tata Pixel is being displayed to general public. It was first displayed at the 81st Geneva Motor Show in March 2010. The car is currently at the concept stage and the production plans of Tata regarding the Pixel are not known clearly.

TATA Pixel wows visitors at the Auto Expo

Pixel is a three door gull-winged small car, which has the same dimension as the famed Nano. But the Tata Pixel has much larger space inside compared to the Nano and can comfortably accommodate four passengers. Tata had earlier declared that the Pixel would have 1.2 liter diesel engine with a mileage of 29kmpl and CO2 emission of 89grams/km.

According to the company, the Pixel will also have much more robust safety features built into it, which the current versions of the Nano do not have. The Tata Pixel is also a ‘zero-turn’ drive vehicle and thus, it can easily be parked in the tightest of places. The turning circle radius of the Pixel is as low as 2.6 meters. Folks from Tata have revealed to Indian Drives that the Pixel was designed to be quite spacious inside keeping the European market in mind.

Tata Pixel at 2012 Auto Expo Tata Pixel at 2012 Auto Expo

Another unique thing about the Pixel is that it will be equipped with “My Tata Connect”, which is the first integrated Human Machine Interface (HMI) from Tata Motors for use in its future vehicles. This particular system allows seamless integration of smartphones and tablets with the car’s infotainment system.

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