Tata Witnesses 13% Growth in April, Boosted by the 10,000 Nano’s sold

Tata Motor’s witnessed their highest sales for the month of April, including the export figures. They sold a total number of 64,383 vehicles a rise of around 53%, in comparision to the 57,199 vehicles that were sold in the same period last year.

And it was none other than Tata’s Nano, which helped to boost the company’s sales figures. The Nano which was built with the aim of replacing the middle class man’s two-wheeler was the cheapest car available in the world according to the company. After facing many delays and recalls and bringing much flack for the company, the Nano has proved its mettle in one of India’s largest companies by selling 10,012 units all over India in April.

This is an increase of a whopping 184% in comparision to same period last year in which 3,525 units were sold. The sales were also significantly higher than in March when around 8,700 Nano models were sold, which are wholesome sales including dealer dispatches and not the actual sales.

The Nano had received a lot of negative publicity because of the production delays during the early stage of the Nano as well as some fire accidents which affected the sales of the Nano. In fact, in November, last year, the sales of the Nano had fallen to a miserable 500 vehicles, which looked dismal for the future of the Nano.

However, the company began offering new warranty plans, and also began to investigate the cause behind the fire accidents so to prove that there was nothing wrong with Tata’s engineering. With the opening of many different avenues, offering many innovative offers like the sales at Big Bazaar, and expanding into the rural markets, the company began to see a rise in their Nano sales.

From being one of Tata’s most disappointing products, the Nano has now helped to boost the sales of the company. The domestic sales of Tata passenger and commercial vehicles saw an increase of 11 percent with 60,125 units sold last April, in comparision to the 54,062 vehicles sold during the same period, last year.

The company’s overall sales of their commercial vehicles for April 2011 were 36,738 vehicles in the domestic segment, which is a growth of 19% in comparision to the 30,963 units sold in the same period last year. Meanwhile, Tata’s Indica range managed to sell around 4,250 units which were 53% lower in comparision to the same period in 2010. The sales of the Indigo range were 5,282 vehicles which was a low of 27% in comparision to the same period last year.

Meanwhile, Tata’s Venture, Aria, Safari, and Sumo range were responsible for selling 3,843 units, a growth of 15% in comparision to April 2010. Tata’s Jaguar Land Rover series has continued to showcase its upward trend. Tata’s export sales were 4,258 vehicles last month, which was a 36% growth in comparision to the 3,137 units sold last year in April.

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  1. i think tata nano is the best car that India has. Not only it is priced according to the Indian consumers but also it gives an excellent mileage.

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