Test Drive & Review :- Renault Fluence E4 Diesel

So we finally drove around in the Renault Fluence 1.5 dci E4 D saloon to find out how does this latest version of Fluence with a refurbished diesel engine works. After a good volume of time spent in manoeuvring and going through a multiple series of tests in driving it on the track under standard condition, we reached to some conclusion at last which reflects in this review of the same. Although the Renault Fluence diesel was good in comparison to its previous models, we found two major problems with that which the latest model has sorted out.

The primary problem was with the list of equipment or the spares that were involved in the construction of the previous diesel engines. The diesel version was not at all equipped in the same manner as the petrol models were, this made many prospective customers return without buying the product. With the launch of the new Renault Fluence E4 D trim the firm has fixed this particular problem to a great extent. In the guise of E4, the latest model gets a huge box of goodies that include rear parking sensors, automatic headlights, cruise control, Bluetooth telephone connection system, leather upholstery and a lighter material used in the cabin of the vehicle to add on to the luxury quotient of the large French car.

Renault Fluence E4 Diesel
The secondary problem with the car was its driveability. The turbo diesel 1.5-liter engine was going through a critical turbo lag that was below 2000 rpm and at the same time it was being followed by an abrupt surge in the power. This annoying delivery of power made the car unable to be an easy drive through city traffic. With a new fuel injection technology which is more precise when it comes to the timely and proper injection of fuel into the combustion chamber, Renault has fixed this secondary problem. Apart from this the variable geometry turbocharger blades have also made more proficient for better functioning at various engine speeds.

Renault Fluence E4 Diesel interior
The bump with 3 bhp to its previous power volume will still produce at 4000 rpm but the commendable thing here is the peak torque that will be the same 24.5 Kgm, but will be now delivered at 1850 rpm. The improvement to the engine has come out pretty good as the driveability has gone better than before. Now you will not have to wait any longer for the car to reach 2000 rpm so it could get going as the power starts building up at a steady 1700 rpm only where no sudden jump of power happens but it just build up in a smooth and gradual manner. Like before the Fluence rides very good in the mid range whence the engine will only rev up till the 5000 rpm. Noise inside the cabin has reduced but it will be difficult to escape the clattering of diesel engine when the machine will be idle, moreover the clutch does feel to be on the heavier side.

The other technical and mechanical aspects of the car have been the same as the previous ones. Steering is much better with the good weight to the wheels as one can drive much faster on the road. The excellent quality of ride that is one of the finest attributes of Fluence still remains the best-in-class.

Renault Fluence E4 Diesel
These modifications have made Fluence a better performing complete package. It is cinch to drive now while with the added kit, it is nicely equipped as a competition to many. At a price tag of Rs.15.2 lakh (ex-showroom New Delhi) the Renault Fluence E4 D is priced appropriately.

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