The beginning of year 2012 seems to be a win-win situation for Volkswagen Group

The Volkswagen Group of India has yet again been consistent in its remarkable stellar act and turned out as winners of 28 awards that happened in the recent times in the ceremonies of Auto Awards. The glamorous Audi has managed to win 15 awards in this very year. Among all the awards that are won 6 awards have been grabbed by Audi A8 and Skoda managed to bag 4 awards in its kitty for the fresh Rapid. Volkswagen had to be satisfied by 9 awards, among which the Volkswagen Jetta walked up to gather 6 of them. Dr John Chacko, the President and the chief representative of Volkswagen Group India as well as the Managing Director of the Volkswagen India Private Limited had some words of gratitude to express on receiving the awards. He said that he was really overwhelmed and pleased to the hilt that the prestigious awards and laurels for their offerings in the year of 2011 came to the Volkswagen Group. The wonderfully soaring sales figures accompanied with these awards that come in their way all the more solidifies the realization that they are completely heading in the appropriate direction. The cars of the group of Volkswagen have managed to win awards in this year in the categories that have importantly assisted in order to reach out across the various and new segment of clients and purchasers. There is this one fact that has been validated and certified by these awards and it is that the cars of the Volkswagen Group are not only appreciated by the customers buying it but also by the experts belonging to the automobile industry.

Volkswagen Jetta in India

Maik Stephan, Managing Director of the Volkswagen Group Sales India Private Limited had to say that the year of 2011 has in every way proved to be enriching for them. Not only did their achieving the greatest sales figure made them happy but also their effort of exciting their customers with their new stimulating products offerings of the year 2011. Their efforts put in the field of marketing also managed to earn a lot of acclaim and appreciation from the experts of the industrial industry. They had managed to gather the award for their front in marketing along with that of “Best Integrated Campaign of the Year” that was brought to them by Audi A8 L. Adding to it was another award of “Best Automobile Ad of the Year” that was awarded to them for Volkswagen Jetta ‘Flyboy’. All these awards that have been endowed on them reinforce their assurance for innovation and excellence. After receiving all the awards of appreciation, Michael Perschke, Head, Audi India had to say that the year of 2011 proved to be the most successful and lucrative year specifically in the terms and field of sales that went way beyond their expectations. A great contribution came from the team of vehicles that included the Audi A8 L, R8 Spyder, Audi A7 Sportback as well as the luxurious limousine – Audi A6 in making the year of 2011 the greatest year regarding their sales in the country India.

Volkswagen Jetta in India Volkswagen Jetta interior

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