The growth story of the year-Mercedes-Benz registers 80 percent growth

It was all hunky dory for the luxury car segment in India, which oversaw a phenomenal growth in 2010. Even the general cars sale figure showed an upward trend of 30 per cent. Many, if not all, global manufacturers of luxury cars posted a high growth rate.

In the latest development it has been revealed that German luxury legend Mercedes-Benz has posted a growth rate of humongous proportions, 80 per cent growth for the year 2010, with the record breaking parley in the month of December. The company reportedly sold 5,819 cars in the last year, a rise of 80 per cent over the figures of 2009, 3,250 units. That translates into a net rise of 2569 units. The key models those were instrumental in driving the sales northwards were Mercedes-Benz C-Class, E-Class and Sports Utility Vehicles which comprised of the trio of R-Class, M-Class and GL-Class.

A surprising fact emerged out of these sales figure that the most number of sales happened in the month which is famed for being a lean period. The month of December oversaw a record number of sales with the number of units sold clocking 710 units, which comprised of SUV segment, C-Class and E-Class.

The report further divulged the strategy adopted by the company, which included aggressive launches, portfolio of comprehensive products and a bigger and more efficient network in smaller cities and towns.

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