The information war on cars heats up in the virtual world

Vizisense, the platform for advertising measurement and online audience from Komli Media, has just released a tailored description on the online consumer behavior of probable car buyers in the country. The report is said to have scrutinized the online commotion of a group of 5000 users. The report was titled as “The virtual world of Car Buyers”. The survey was conducted over a span of 6 months from amongst the Indian panel of Vizisense, which numbers 1, 10,000 users.

According to the report, automobile portals in the country- including autonomous websites such as and and also the indigenous websites of the car makers- saw a tremendous flow of traffic which was an increase of over 50 percent in the year 2010. During this period the passenger car sector witnessed a growth rate of 31 percent, according to statistics made available by SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers).

For the purpose of the study, Vizisense has considered those as potential buyers who have either frequented more than unitary number of automobile sites in a month, or have frequented a particular automobile site more than one time in a given month, or those who have searched for a specific car model or brand.

The regularity of new car offerings in the year 2010 and the never-out-of-focus digital parlance by car makers around these initiations also guaranteed greater toe-hold in frequency of visits to their respective websites.

The surge signifies the use of virtual display-rooms by probable car buyers to gather information and make informed decision with respect to their purchase.

Key revelations of the report included:

  • A colossal 33% of all prospective online automobile shoppers are attracted in cars exceeding Rs 6 lakhs mark.
  • Coimbatore, Indore and Chandigarh are the important cities further than the top 8 metropolis which oversaw high concentration from prospective online car purchasers.
  • Personal ownership familiarity – similar to word-of-mouth in the offline virtual world – of a fresh car buy, and service and dealership experiences was a larger influencing factor for prospective online car consumer than ‘expert’ car assessment (no offense to the pundits here).
  • Among the car makers, the Tata Motors online chattels witnessed the utmost interest in the midst of prospective online car shoppers.

Vice President and General Manager of Vizisense, Mr. Amit Bhartiya was quoted as saying that the current class of car shoppers search for more information with respect to cars, would like to match up features and attributes from corner to corner across segment and also seek out immediate ownership experience to formulate nippy, conversant decisions. Automobile portals play a colossal character in assisting to get information, evaluation of features and attributes athwart segments and personal car holder’s experiences. They have surpassed the moment of truth of in general of car buying sequence. The freshly closed purchase of is a testimony to the ever more imperative role of the internet in swaying purchase decision.

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