The World’s Cheapest Four-Door Coupe made by Russians

The TagAz named carmaker of Russia is all set to touch new heights with its world’s cheapest four-door coupe called Aquila.

Though the ‘cheapest’ tag doesn’t bothers at all, because four-door coupe is still a luxury which was in tremendous demand by masses. Hopefully it will not be the same loaded junkie, but rather a simpler one to go easy at our daily routes.

Aquila is all aggressive in terms of bodywork and appearance just like its core pricing i.e 400,000 Russian rubles, which roughly coughs up to $13,300. At that point TagAz too provides numerous airbags, ABS, heated mirrors, radio and AC.

In the image, bucket seats and alloys are also featured, which tends to be a part of the optional list, as brewed to be added by shredding extra bucks.

Russian Company Unveils
However, Aquila does carries 1.6 liter 16 valve engine mated with 5 speed manual transmission to bloom 107 hp on the front wheels. One can also opt for a more powerful 150 hp jag with automatic transmission, as soon as it will be added in the carmaker’s manual.

The cheapest four-door coupe will be growled at showrooms of Russia in next fifteen days, but still doesn’t have any plans for homologation.

Russian Company Unveils Back View
Though it seems that world needs to plead Russians for getting the first of its kind coupe, in pricing terms, just like Renault Duster – as the cheapest SUV was done with French.

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