Think Blue Campaign of Volkswagen Supported by Neil Nitin Mukesh

The German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen’s Think Blue Campaign gets supported in a strong manner by the seasoned heartthrob actor of Bollywood, Neil Nitin Mukesh. He will continue to support this campaign for the coming one year at a length. Neil Nitin Mukesh’s attention and affection towards a healthy environment is very much evident from his presence at the pavilion of Volkswagen at the beginning of this year at the 2012 International Auto Expo held in New Delhi. He was present at the Volkswagen stand to spread the awareness among the people who came to visit, about the indispensable need of a cleaner and greener environment. He also emphasized on planting a sapling at everybody’s home in order to achieve that target. To honour the support by the actor, the firm gifted him a brand-new Volkswagen Passat BlueMotion sedan for his own utility.

Think Blue Campaign of Volkswagen Supported by Neil Nitin Mukesh

Three major objectives are served by the campaign of Think Blue of the Volkswagen group. The primary objective is the launch of solutions that are environment friendly and would help restoring the greenery of the earth. The secondary objective is to change the attitude of the people towards the environment on an individual level. This way the people will be directly involved with the initiative and make more impact as an individual, the results will also be more positive, quick and clear that would inspire others to come forward and do the same. The third objective is to initiate the environment friendly activities. These activities are basically and at large are supposed to be those acts that would help in the restoration of the environment through planting more trees, no usage of plastic, less usage of fossil fuel, car pooling, walking & cycling for less usage of cars as well as for improving one’s health.

With this particular initiative to spread awareness among the people, the firm is looking ahead to change the typical mindset of its customers towards the existing environment which is not at all that good for any sort of compliments anymore. The current environment needs a massive repair and makeover for the coming generations to thrive upon the benefits of it. But in our blind race for resources and comfort-ability we have demolished the perfect balanceof the ecology that has benefitted our previous generations. Volkswagen is thus committed to bring in environment friendly cars which are fuel efficient and clean with the help of the BlueMotion Technologies. The series of efficient advances fall under this kind of technology that includes start-stop system, energy recuperation, optimized aerodynamics etc. This kid of fine technology aims at introducing new cars of Volkswagen which are equipped with best fuel efficiency and a very minimal of carbon emission to help the environment restore its lost charm.  Other car manufacturing firms are also getting into the same line of environment friendly creation of vehicles that would benefit the customer with its fuel efficiency and the environment with low emission.

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