This weekend’s Singapore GP expected to fetch good revenues

All the teams racing for Formula One would be heading to Singapore for this weekend’s Singtel GP. The media reports the event would fetch good business for the City and State.

The Tourism Board of Singapore expects the event to bring tourism receipts worth 100 million Singapore dollars. The event did make 160 million Singapore dollars in the year 2010 and 98 million Singapore dollars in 2009.

This year the expectations are less due to economy breakdown globally with countries like the USA and countries in Europe almost in recession. The Singapore GP on Tuesday reported 98% ticket sales for the event so far.

This weekend's Singapore GP expected to fetch good revenuesThe street race in Singapore would be a spectacular night race. The track might be a bit dirty as most of the year there’s quite a bit of traffic on this circuit. Revenues expected would be less due to global economy crisis, but regardless an event like Formula One should do well at any point of the year. With officials already disclosing around 98% of ticket sales, business should be good in Singapore this weekend.

Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull Racing Team needs a win this weekend to take his 2nd F1 career title. With Vettel all set to clinch the title, a huge crowd could be expected despite revenues incurred thought to be lesser than previous years, but it’s racing and anything can happen. Loss of focus or overconfidence is all it takes to lose in a sport like Formula One. Fernando Alonso of Ferrari is not an easy driver to chase if Vettel loses pole position to him in Singapore. Vettel’s critics have been harsh on him saying he’s not good at overtaking instead just believes in qualifying pace rather than race pace. With a lead of 112 points over Alonso, Vettel should take it easy and be focussed to get his 2nd World Championship title.

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