Tips to watch out for when reviewing a used car

These are some simple tips to follow whenever one is looking out for a used car in the market. The used car may or may not be to your liking or it may be even that you would be looking out this used car for yourselves or your neighbor or relative. So keep the following points in mind while checking out a used car in the market.

First of all, choose the age of the car that you wanted to buy. If the buying cost isn’t a problem, then preferably check out the used cars which fall in the range of 2-3 years. By doing so, you can atleast have a peace of mind that you are buying a relatively newer cars which might have few mechanical problems. Moreover a 3 year old car would definitely have depreciated quite a bit and hence you wouldn’t stand to lose out on much of the part. Moreover some car manufacturers like Chevrolet offer the 3 years free service program and if you are looking a 2 year old car, then insist on getting the full service record and the relevant papers. Some of the manufacturers honor the original warranty even if the owner has been changed.

In the exteriors, check out the bodywork. If there is a poor quality paintwork showing up or even color variation with uneven panel gaps or even rust, then move away from the deal. This car may have been in a shunt and chances are that the repair work has been carried out shoddily. The spare wheel well as also door apertures and the space under the bonnet would reflect signs of repainting.

Tyres :

For a car to move and steer properly, there should be plenty of tread going around in the tyres. The tyre wear should be even across the face of the tyre and also around the circumference of the tyre. Moreover, tears, gouges and bulges in the sidewalls of the tyres should also be closely inspected.

Engine Bay :

If a car has a nice clean engine bay, then this should be the first sign of alarm. Most of the times, second hand dealers clean the engine bay to hide some major faults in the car. If the oil filler cap shows some sludge which is brownish in color, it is a sure sign that the engine has got some trouble in it. Moreover if the color of the car sludge is blue or even black, then this also signals that the engine has got some problems.

Paperwork :

The pollution certificate, registration documents and also the entire service history of the car needs to be checked and available at the time of reviewing the car. Moreover, the car’ running kilometers should be tallied against the number on the car’s plate under the bonnet with the paperwork.

Electricals :

Modern cars usually don’t have electrical problems however the specimen that you may be eyeing would be an old one and having an electrical problem in an old car would mean inviting trouble. Check out the seats (if they are memory powered), windows, lights and also the stereo system. Also the car’s AC system needs to be checked not only for its cooling but also heating properties. There should be no foul odor coming out from the air-conditioning system.

Interiors :

Even if the interior trim seems bare basic, then also it would be quite expensive to maintain and replace as of such if its damaged. Look out for the wear in seats, burns or even tears. Also keep an eye on the headlining. The seatbelts should be one tight thing and not very loose dangling things and looking more like a dog just ripped through them. Your life depends on them so check carefully.

Test drive :

On a test drive, the steering wheel of the car should feel absolutely smooth in its operation. While selecting the gear, see to it that they slot in positively and smoothly. The clutch action should be light unless the specified model of that car comes in with a heavy clutch. Also while braking, the car shouldn’t swerve to a side and the brakes should be able to reign in the car’s speed with only a light tap. The engine should accelerate smoothly and shouldn’t baulk down. Moreover a test drive should also reveal the car’s suspension. There shouldn’t be any clunks coming from it and any other thuds.

Well, these were some of the general tips given however it is a wiser and safer bet to take a friendly mechanic with you or even some one who knows how these work out.

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