Tomas Ernberg, Volvo India, Managing Director has his plans outlined in India

So far, nearly 130 cars have been sold in the previous year by luxury car manufacturers from Sweden, Volvo. It has now been three years since Volvo’s inception in India. Growth rate for Volvo has been slow, especially considering the growth in the Indian market to be second fastest in the world. Globally, the company has had its turmoil battling its financial crisis and had to recuperate back and rework its operations for achieving reasonable profits.

The company is back now fully recuperated headed by Tomas Ernberg, Managing Director, Operations, India. The company has set its sights in tripling its sales hopefully by selling over 500 units this current year. Tomas Ernberg, a Swedish national, was born in Spain. He admitted that the sales have been slow; however, he seems to be very confident about the strong foundation that Volvo has. He said they know what products they want to introduce to India and which segments to enter.

Tomas Ernberg

He said India would contribute immensely to their growth while they have a decade long plan of selling around 8,00,000 units worldwide. Ernberg tells Volvo would also take the initiative to double the overall sales outlets in India to 14 in the next two years. They would also plan to introduce the corporate editions of Sedan S60 and Sedan S80 to up their sales. With an experience of nearly 17 years with Volvo, Ernberg says the company’s focus in management has been renewed in Sweden for proper operations here in India.

Though Ernberg has still to see much of this country, he says the country’s diversity has always been fascinating for him. Ernberg has been travelling and living in countries like Latin America, Africa, South-East Asia and Europe. Travelling has been a passion for Ernberg, and he is a tennis enthusiast. He can converse in a host of languages to include English, Turkish, Swedish, Arabic and Spanish. Prior to looking into operations in India, he was Volvo’s RMD based in Dubai. He was overseeing operations of 13 markets in North Africa and West Asia for Volvo.


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