Top Selling Diesel SUVs in India

The Indian auto market, in the recent past, has witnessed a change in consumer preferences with people these days having a greater emphasis for vehicles having utility as well as quality. This has let the market of SUVs boom in the country. With diesel technology becoming much more advance these days, preferences are shifting towards the diesel powered SUVs as the economy factor is also getting predominance in buying decisions. This is because diesel as a fuel option proves to be highly cost effective compared to petrol, owing particular to the huge disparity in the prices of the two. Let us take a look at some of the top selling SUVs powered by diesel in the country, which have been able to take full advantage of this market situation.

Tata Safari:

Tata Motors created a winner with its SUV, the Tata Safari. Powered by an in-line diesel engine, the Tata Safari achieves a maximum power of 140PS@4000rpm with a peak torque of 320Nm. It offers 10.0km/liter on city roads in terms of mileage and peaks to 14.0km/liter on the highways. It has proved itself as an effective mode of transport on Indian highways. Its attractive pricing of around Rs.8 lacs has also enhanced its popularity. Also, the fact that it comes from the house of a leading car manufacturer of the country has helped the Tata Safari find an endearing place amongst Indian consumers.

Tata Safari in India


The fact that premium luxury cars have the capacity to make an impact in the Indian market has been adequately proved by the BMW X1. The X1 is a crossover SUV from the stables of the luxury car maker an even its steep pricing of Rs. 25 lacs has not proved to be a deterrent to its sales. The model gets its power from four-cylinder, 16 valve diesel engine provided with twin turbochargers and has a displacement of 1995cc. Comfort factory is ensured both in its ride as well as the classy interiors that this SUV has been equipped with.

BMW X1 in India

Toyota Fortuner:

The factor that has been the USP for the Toyota Fortuner and has been able to establish this vehicle firmly in the Indian SUV market is its unique combination of power and luxury. The till now prevalent notion that power features could not compliment with in-vehicle comfort has been totally shredded to pieces. Indeed when the throttle power is matched with luxury and when ruggedness is provided the touch of the latest technology, a car like Toyota Fortuner is born to redefine all established norms. It peaks to a power of 171PS@3600rpm and has torque of 343Nm.  Priced along the Rs.20 lacs mark, the car has endeared it to Indian consumers.

Toyota Fortuner in India

Ford Endeavour:

Ford has always been known for the precision with which it designs its vehicles, providing them with all the requisite combinations of style, power, safety and comfort. The Ford Endeavour is a perfect demonstration of this very capability of the global car manufacturer. The Endeavour has a proven track record to endure all road conditions. It has been provided with superb exteriors that include its new imposing headlights, the chrome highlights provided as well as its sculpted tailgate. But beneath all these lies an engine that is always ready to assert itself on the road. Priced at Rs.19 lacs, the vehicle has stamped its authority in the Indian SUV segment.

Ford Endeavour in India

Mahindra XUV500:

The vehicles from Indian car manufacturer have never provided any reasons to complain on the performance aspect. It is only the factor of design that has been letting the company down till date. Not any more, though! Mahindra and Mahindra has delivered a winner in its Mahindra XUV500, a superlative combination of the traditional performance that is associated with its vehicles along with an artistic design. The vehicle with its robust look is an eye catcher as it powers down the street at a peak power of 140Bhp. Comfort of the passengers have been adequately addressed in its interiors that has been provided with top line features. The immediate impact that the vehicle made in the market was seen when the company sold out its four month stocks in just a month’s time post its launch. Priced competitively at Rs.10.80 lacs, the Mahindra XUV 500 has all that it takes to rule the SUV segment in India in the upcoming future.

Mahindra XUV500 in India

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