Toyota Camry Hybrid Spied Testing in India

Even after emerging as the world’s No.1 carmaker this year, Toyota is not satisfied with its sales on Indian shores. Hence, updating the lineup here, Japanese are trying to hit the mark of EVs strongly and the ‘Camry Hybrid’ is one of their aspiring badges slated to bring the gleam on Indian faces. However, these are not only speculations, but we had the proof of same. One of the media houses had spotted Camry Hybrid doing test rounds in Karnataka (India) specifically near to the Toyota’s Bidadi factory.

Seeing the spy image in detail, headlamps differ a lot than the present’s generation Camry while the rest of metal looks completely same. It is sure that Toyota may launch this newbie till the month of September because it wanted to get qualified in the Indian government’s plan of NEMMP (National Electric Mobility Mission Plan). This plan basically says that Japanese carmaker needed to complete the 17.8% figures of overall sales in the hybrid vehicle by the year end of 2020.

Not much about the confirmation on Camry Hybrid revealed, but speculations in industry says, new Camry may land on Indian shores in CKD form and would be rolled out in the 2.5-liter petrol avatar, which in fact would be aided by an electric motor and a Toyota e-CVT gearbox. 200bhp maybe its maximum output, and front wheels are expected to drive out all the Green forces in action. Most of the chances leans us, imports maybe carried on in the CKD form, so as to reduce the price, and to fix in the tagging of more than Rs. 35 lakh efficiently.

Toyota Camry Hybrid

It will be interesting to see whether the Toyota will be successful in making most of the sales from this new badge, or likely it will just another addition in its Indian repertoire, resembling competition with near about sales figures of Prius.

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