Toyota launches new Innova Chrome edition

Innova has been one of the most successful cars for Toyota in the Indian market. It was launched in the year 2005 and so far it has sold 4 lac units. This is a big achievement for any automaker. To celebrate the big moment, Toyota has launched a new Chrome edition of Innova. This is basically a kit designed to give a Chrome finish to the car. This kit will be available at a price of Rs.31,000 in addition to the standard price of the car.

Toyota Motors have always been ahead, in the race of the leading automakers securing top positions every time. Currently it is the 3rd largest automobile manufacturing company. In 2009 the company was hit by the Global Crisis making it suffer a loss of 4.2 billion dollars. This is one of the reasons why it fell to the 3rd position with a global production of around 8 million. But the unofficial stats say that they manufactured more than 9 million automobiles. Toyota has announced that in 2013 it will cross the 10 million mark making it the first automaker to do so.

Toyota Innova is an MPV that was first launched in Indonesia in the year 2004. This car had a gasoline engine with a 2 liter capacity. Various trims were available at the time of the launch. Later the gasoline engine was replaced by the diesel variants which were turbo charged. It had a maximum power output of 102 PS and a torque of 206 Nm.

Toyota Celebrates 4 Lakh Innova Sales With Chrome Edition

In India, Innova had replaced Toyota Qualis. It was received very well by the market which is evident from its 4 lac unit sale. At present Toyota Innova, in India, is available in 12 variants. 3 of these are petrol run models with a displacement of 1,998 cc. The car has an electric fuel injection as well as 4 cylinder engine. The diesel variants offer a displacement of 2,494 cc with a 4 cylinder diesel engine having a common rail direct injection.

After crossing the 4 lac mark, Toyota has tried to refine the look of the car. This Chrome kit is an add-on pack that can be purchased from any Toyota dealership. The kit will be available all over the country at the standard price of Rs 31,000. It has been designed especially for Innova GX, for both the diesel and petrol variants. Some accessories can be utilized for Innova VX as well.

With this kit, the grille, door handles, arch on the wheel, wind mirror inserts etc will be wrapped in chrome finish.

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