Toyota Officials Hints RAV4 for India

Just last week we had been bestowed with the news that Toyota is keen to launch compact SUVs and small cars in Indian market, but due to the things like stiff regulations and unobvious policies of Indian government Japanese are finding it tougher to penetrate deeply in our fraternity. According to the statement of Satoshi Ogiso, Managing Officer of Toyota Motor Corporation, given to PTI says, “Globally, the compact SUV segment is getting more popular and in India it is also the same. We will definitely have our presence there,” conveys possibility of the RAV4 launch on Indian shores very soon; and why only ‘RAV4’ we will reveal it later on in this post.

As seen in the history, Toyota emerged No.1 in the Indian-resembling markets like Indonesia and Philippines, which had made the brand more aggressive towards our homeland. “Definitely, we have an ambition to be the number one in India,” added Mr. Bernie O’Connor, Toyota Motor Asia Executive Vice President, to the already steamed fragments of Oghiso. All these instances lend a clear cut picture of the bespoken agenda for definitely bringing in the compact SUV to us. Moreover, we Indians are now soon going to receive Ford EcoSport in the same horizon, which might be getting obstructions in the eyes of various carmakers, as it is the only option for us in respective price band. Volkswagen, Mahindra and many others have got just delayed till 2016 for the similar type of product launch, but at one can say at least they had the things in works to fall upon.

New Toyota RAV4

Looking at the vouch of Toyota, it is empty handed for this competition, and also did not had anything lucrative in other markets. This is the point where RAV4 comes in the scene of our industry. Till date Malaysia, UAE and Saudi Arabia the only countries in Asia to drive this particular Toyota badge, and are also closer to the international boundaries of India. The reason for naming them is “Malaysia”. When the owners of Petrona Towers can have this bonk with them then why not us, we too share a lot of similarities in between!

2013 Toyota RAV4 Interiors

Toyota RAV4 New Toyota RAV4

Right now Toyota did not have the time to start from scratch for this competitive tier, whilst of going with existing product right now in the clutch i.e. RAV4.

2013 Toyota RAV4
The model that Malaysia uses is trimmed down version of the European spec, engulfed with 2.0L 4 cylinder engine mated by automatic gearbox. Hence, the same spec can be launched here too, will find many buyers if given with the options of manual tuning and diesel. The only fact that had kept us pinching us very strongly is 4.5m of length, will surely not drive in the benefits of sub 4 meter segment from our government officials. However, those can be adjusted with the price tags being asked over here, as will in space with that of XUV and others at Rs. 12-15 lakh range.

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