Hyundai’s ‘Always Around’ campaign is back again with the free check ups

India’s second largest automaker, Hyundai Motors is back again with its nationwide campaign called ‘Always Around’ for the 7th consecutive year. The campaign will start from 26th may and will be providing free campaign for the customers at convenient locations. Last year the camp was organized at about 6962 locations, this year it will be held at over 7,000 possible locations and is expected to reach more than 1.5 lakh customers. About 8,000 vehicles from over 558 locations are expected to show up at the camp on its launch day.

The ‘Hyundai Always Around’ campaign will be conducted at various different locations which are convenient for the customers to visit during their day to day activity. The thing that makes this initiative more interesting is that it reaches more and more customers at their convenient locations for no extra cost and also saves time. For example the customer can enjoy his shopping in a Mall which its car can go through the checkup just outside it. This saves both time and money as the service is free and customers will also be receiving free advices from the technicians to help them maintain their car better.

Hyundai Always Around
Speaking on the campaign Sr. Vice President of, HMIL, said that Hyundai Always Around is one initiative that allows the company to build strong bond with the customers. The campaign has also been getting favorable responses from the customers and has also been appreciated quite lot.  This year also campaign has been organized to target a large customer base. This will allow company to provide customers with max benefits and quality service. The campaign will also allow the customers to feel and tests drive the new Hyundai vehicles that will be available at the check points.

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