Toyota Prius Fitted with a Harley-Davidson Engine Up for Sale

Toyota Prius, the name may not be well-versed with most of the readers, so let’s brief about it before revealing details about the Prius fitted with the Harley-Davidson engine.

Toyota Prius is the first hybrid-car to enter India in its category. So the powertrain of Prius is altogether a fuel saving one, but the maintenance cost and the buying price tag has made it to become an exception in the market here.

That’s not the point to discuss in detail. The Toyota Prius that has landed on our desk now is one of its kind fitted with an engine of 1986 Harley Davidson Sportster 883 bearing the load of 1100cc on its dual pistons. And the owner had posted it for sale on eBay from USA.

Toyota Prius HD Special Edition

Mentioned below are some of the points that the owner of the car has listed down on its ad:

  • 2 Cylinder air-cooled engine with rock-and-stick technology that replaces the overly-complicated crap that Toyota spent bazillions of dollars and dozens of years designing and I spent a couple hours with a 10mm wrench and some wire cutters undoing.
  • 4-speed manual non-syncronized transmission with push/pull sequential shift replaces that electro-mechanical slushbox that Toyota calls a “transmission”
  • Points ignition: Because it either works or it doesn’t. Spend your OBD-scanner and volt-meter budget on beer instead.
  • 1.75x.095 DOM custom-fitted rollcage with “NASCAR-style” driver’s doorbar, and “FIA bars” for additional A-pillar reinforcement. Allegedly this is what you get when you bring your Prius in for the “unintended acceleration” recall**, but I can’t swear to that.

Toyota Prius

  • Unmuffled, straight-though big bore exhaust designed by Basset, because loud pipes save lives and you’ll need to drown out the sound of the Earth crying every time to stomp the throttle that controls your S&S “bug-sprayer” carburetor.
  • Oh yea, the throttle: The pedal comes from a 1960s Austin Mini Cooper because I don’t trust that “drive by wire” nonsense (see aforementioned “unintended acceleration recall”)
  • While we’re on the subject of pedals: The clutch pedal is a totally bad-ass chrome job and the cable was replaced in Dec 2013. Some call the pedal a “finger lever”. Whatever.
  • Kill Switch: In case removing all of the Toyota electronics, drivetrain, interior, and soullessness wasn’t enough to exorcise the factory glitches. It’s a total CYA move.
  • Side view mirror “handlebar whips”: Because that’s how you roll.
  • Sissy bar: It is a Prius, after all.

Toyota Prius HD

And if still you don’t believe us, we have posted the video as well. After being interested in it, can click on the link if wanted to purchase it.

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