Toyota RAV4 Rally Car Unveiled

Toyota RAV4 is still a distant dream for India to fill the space of crossovers; one can now find it more ravishing in the rally as Toyota just unveiled the rally-spec version of RAV4.

Behind the steering wheels it’s the Ryan Millen who is entitled the responsibility to handle it across various rallies of the world.

The Rally-spec RAV4 is based on LE trim of lineup. In the bay underneath hood, this vehicle stores a standard 2.5-litre, 4-cylinder engine of 176bhp and 172 lb-ft of torque. The crew of Millen also managed to shed 500 pounds weight as against the stock model, despite adding roll cage, BFGoodrich all terrain tyres of the specification 215/75R15, and upgraded suspension system of TEIN at front and rear both.

Toyota RAV4 Rally Car Unveiled

The RAV4 of rally-spec will participate following rallies on the specified schedule:

  • Idaho Rally – June 13-14
  • Mendocino Rally – July 18-19
  • Rally Utah – August 7-8
  • Gorman Ridge Rally – August 22
  • Prescott Rally – October 2-3
  • Mt Hood Rally – October 17

Toyota RAV4 Rally Car Unveiled

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