Toyota recalls Prius Hybrid worldwide including India

Recently it has been seen that Toyota has recalled about 1.9 million Prius Hybrid. The company has made this recall throughout the world. Taking into consideration that the car has also been recalled from India, it has been noted that 167 units have been called back. This recall has been made by Toyota Kirloskar Motor as a result of a fault in the software system of the Prius which needs to be repaired. This fault in the system did not allow the customers to enter a fail safe mode.

While on one hand the company has mentioned that none of the customers from India have complained about the car, they will still be calling the cars back from here as a voluntary exercise. It can surely be said that the car maker is trying to give its customers the best service it can by repairing the fault free of charge. This software repair is expected to take over an hour to be rectified. Toyota is one of the well known companies throughout the world and has built an image that people can rely on. These measures are surely being taken by them in order to keep up with the customer expectations and maintain their goodwill in the automobile industry.

Toyota recalls Prius Hybrid worldwide including India

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