Toyota Receives 25,000 Orders Pre-Sale for their Prius Alpha Minivan, Wagon

Toyota Motor Corp., one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world recently reported that they had received around 25,000 orders for their Prius Alpha minivan and hybrid wagon models before sales could begin from Friday in Japan, underscoring the strong demand for other fuel variant models as the prices of fuel continue to rise.

This figure is almost 8 times more than its monthly objective of selling 3,000 units. The Prius Alpha model will be the first among an extended family of Prius’ planned by the manufacturer. The company faced a delay in sales in Japan since April because of the disruptions in productions caused by the 9.0 magnitude earthquake, the biggest earthquake to strike Japan.

Toyota said that its customers would have to wait for a longer period of time than usual for their model deliveries because of the ongoing disruption in production.

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