Toyota to Debut its Production Specific Fuel Cell Vehicle at Tokyo Motor Show

Hydrogen is the future of global automobile industry and we seem the future is getting started from today itself.

Toyota who had previewed hydrogen fuel cell back in 2009 is said to be revealing the production specific model by this year at its in-house Tokyo Motor Show during November.

These details are divulged from the bay of Bloomberg, which we think is almost a sure shot for the Tokyo Motor show to get this sorted piece of future. The news also narrated that production specific will be the sedan version and may hit sales floor till next year. Cost is roughly calculated lugging around the bracket of $70,000, where in proportion car can be able to do the 483 km (300 miles) in a single fill.

Very less specifications are be made known but we expect, fuel cell stack with a 70 MPa high-pressure hydrogen tank escorted by an impressive luggage space, and four person seating capacity to be there on board, which the previewed model was regarded to have in terms of production specific.

Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle

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