Toyota to enter the motorsports segment from 2012

Toyota Motors has decided to diversify its interests. Latest reports indicate that Toyota India is identifying the possibilities of supplying sports cars for an upcoming motorsports event, which will be held in the middle of 2012. If things go according to the plans, Toyota India could end up being the sole authority for meeting the requirements of the contestants with respect to their sports cars. If the cars do not suit some teams, they have the option of transforming the cars according to their own needs.

They are going to be responsible for supplying around 25-30 cars for the teams that are participating. However, these plans are still very much in the discussion stage as the Federation of International Automobiles (FIA) needs to give a final approval to the same. FIA is the body that governs and organizes all motorsport events across the planet – this also includes the Formula One. The event that is coming up will have races distributed across three tracks in the country. This will include Greater Noida’s famous Buddh International Circuit, which recently brought Formula 1 racing into India. The other two tracks will be the Kari Motor-Speedway located in Coimbatore and Chennai’s Madras sport circuit.

Toyota to enter the motorsports segment from 2012Toyota India is contemplating setting up a Racing Development wing for taking care of two primary issues – development of their motorsports cars and increase in the efficiency of their existing vehicles. Venturing into the arena of motorsports signifies a marked deviation from their usual style of functioning. Toyota India hopes to gain maximum mileage from the same by selling to the racing teams their improved sports cars. Their competitors, Volkswagen had, however, been restricted to just supplying sports cars at their self-organized Volkswagen Polo Cup Racing series that had been held recently.

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