Toyota’s New 2012 Innova Spotted Doing Test Rounds

The Toyota Innova will feature a more updated and refreshed look. A New Toyota Innova was spotted going through tests and the changes made to it were quite clearly visible. The Japanese auto giant gave its popular passenger car a major makeover, which includes new grille and new lights. Even the profile of the car looks altered.

The previous upright grill is now set more vertically, so that the bonnet of the car looks less like that of a van. The fenders have new headlights stretched over it, while the chin and fogs look new as well. The rear bumper is again different and according to reports, all the new Innova models could get optional parking sensors.

The car’s main focus is an updated interior. This includes new premium materials, a new stylish instrumental panel and features, which make it look more car like. Another priority for the maker has been on better space utilization, especially the cars third row seats, which Toyota is aiming to make more useable, spacious and comfortable during long journeys.

Though a new engine option is not in the works, the engine seen in the current Toyota, the common rail 2.5l diesel is to be upgraded to deliver more torque and power. From the beginning, Toyota has been reserved when it comes to torque and power ratings that their 2.5 delivers, so increasing the power of the car will not be too difficult as Toyota is already known for their reliability.

What is not yet known is the car’s pricing, whether Toyota would maintain the price or not. So far, the Innova has been able to do well in the market against its competitors, with the Innova facing no credible threat. With no competitors trying to eat its profits, Toyota could easily stretch its margin on the car, when they introduce it in mid-2012.

12 thoughts on “Toyota’s New 2012 Innova Spotted Doing Test Rounds

  1. Who wants Innova?? It’s an old model. Everybody is tired of seeing it.Why don’t they bring Toyota avanza , which have a huge market in Scorpio segment . Renault is going to launch Duster in that segment , so i think it’s a lost opportunity for Toyota.

  2. in indian stylish car market innova wants to more upgrded in feautures. kindly let me know when the time of launch,

  3. i have seen the interiors and exteriors which i was very much impressed on and i wish it will be launched on or before 21st of march 2012 and they may get auto transmission only in petrol to make it move in citys like banglore and bombay and delhi…..

  4. AS I had Qualis recenetly I sold it now I woudl like to have similar kind of vehical and I have plan to buy the car within a Month but I come to know Toyota is going to launch Innova with some changes hence I woud like to have the infomration about the changes and Look of New innova with interior even let me have the price of New Innova – In India
    Thanks & Rgds
    K A Pancholi

  5. i hope the new innova makes market aggents tata aaria.please launch early because every hotel, turist people use innova .its comon vehical.( kuch naya chaiye.) when it will be launch,

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