UK gets 2 new models of Skoda Fabia

Skoda UK has launched 2 special editions of its star car Skoda Fabia. These have been named as “Reaction” and Monte Carlo “TECH” Estate. Both of these models will be seen in showrooms by the end of this month. However, in UK the customers can order this vehicle. The Skoda Reaction comes with an array of features making the car a cool breeze for this summer. It is being launched at an introductory price of £9,690 which is Rs 8.81 lacs. This is a total of £3,715 (around Rs 3.38 lacs) less than the standard price of £13,405 which is equivalent to Rs 12.18 lacs. Even though the cost has been curbed down tremendously, Skoda has not compromised with the specification or features of this new model, Reaction.

Skoda Fabia is a mini car which was manufactured by Skoda Auto in 1999. This first generation Fabia stayed in the market until 2007 and was available as Fabia Combi which was an estate, Fabia Sedan which was a saloon and a hatchback. The second generation Fabia was launched in the year 2007 and is a close replica of Volkswagen Polo. It is available as a hatchback and estate. Now Skoda Fabia gets 2 more models in its lineup – Reaction and Monte Carlo Tech Estate.

Talking about the Skoda Reaction it is offering a lot of features for the given price range. The car has a 3 spoke leather steering wheel and an air conditioning system, which are standard features for this car. The exterior endorses 16 inch wheels made up of black comet alloy. The roof, grille and mirrors and sunset glass, all see some black detailing. This black detailing is coupled with Meteor Grey paintwork which gives this car a gorgeous appearance. The car is housing a 12V engine with a 1.2 liter capacity having a power output of 69 PS. Fabia Reaction will be available only as a Hatchback.

Skoda Fabia
When it comes to Monte Carlo TECH Estate it is on the lines of the hatch back launched recently. This model offers 2 engine options. The first is a TSI engine with 1.2 liter capacity having an output 104 bhp. The second is a TDI CR engine with 1.6 liter capacity having the same output of 104 bhp. This TECH is on the lines of Monte Carlo model but it also sees Amundsen satellite navigation as well as Bluetooth connectivity as its standard features. The car endorses black glossy grille and wheels arches that give the car a sporty look yet maintaining its practicality. The TECH will be offered in 3 colour schemes of red, black and white. The TSI 1.2 liter model is available with starting price tag of £12,575 which is Rs 11.43 lacs. The TDI CR 1.6 liter model is available at a starting price of £13,545 which is around Rs12.30 lacs.

Regarding the new models of Skoda Fabia, Brand Director of Skoda UK, Mr. Alasdair Stewart said that ““We’re always looking at ways of delivering better value to our customers, and these two new additions to the Fabia range do just that. We’re confident that buyers will appreciate the high equipment levels and stylish design that both the Reaction and Monte Carlo TECH offer.”

New Models Skoda Fabia

The UK customers can now book orders for their Reaction or TECH. The cars are available with a limited stock at the official Skoda dealerships all across UK. Thus enthusiasts need to be quick in order to get one of these limited edition models.

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