UK will have the Tata Indica EV this summer

The Indica EV after a successful run in Norway is going to be seen in the United Kingdom. Yes, Tata Motors have decided to launch this Tata Indica EV in UK, this summer. Tata’s UK engineers in collaborations with the ones at Norway had developed this vehicle and they are confident that the electric trend would catch on in the UK. Tata has got an electric vehicle manufacturing unit in Coventry. This unit boasts of a production capacity of about 1600 vehicles each year. India does play a vital part in these electric cars as the entire body shell for the car is deported from India. It is said that Tata Motors have already produced about 50 units of the electric vehicle and about 30 of them already have found new homes. It isn’t a hybrid car and rather is a fully electricity operated one like the Mahindra Reva.

On a single charge, this vehicle can go upto 160 kms or 100 miles. Steve Ocock, the manufacturing head of Tata Motors UK said that he expects the Indica to be a huge hit because of its range, low cost of operation and also the fact that it is a very spacious hatchback. Moreover, it has also got a capacious luggage facility, which is usually lacking in electric vehicles. Tata Motors is targeting the fleet and business users for whom ease of operation and low running costs are very important. The company’s research facility in Norway, TMTEC has supplied the Li ion batteries for this car. Tata Motors aren’t planning for volumes with this car and are rather concentrating on building their brand image and getting other infrastructure in place for future new launches. Prices are yet to be announced however an insider has given the estimated price tag as Rs 13.5 lakhs. This includes the UK government’s subsidies as well.

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